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As a leading provider of fuel conditioners, Technol Fuel Conditioners, Inc. takes pride in offering conditioners that are multifunctional and far superior to others on the market.  We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers by listening to what their fuel issues are, then recommending the best products to resolve them.

In most cases, your vehicles or equipments aren't the problem.  The quality of your fuel or fuel oil is the constantly-changing variable, from one refuel to the next.  If we were to analyze the specifications of your fuel, we could tell you exactly what's wrong with it, and what problems you could experience during storage and consumption.  In addition, varying seasonal temperatures can have a significant impact on fuel --- such as loss of potency, how it burns, and the influx of water and bacterial contamination.  Any one of these factors can severely affect the performance of your vehicles or equipment.  That's where we come in.

Technol Fuel Conditioners, Inc. provides quality products by combining fuel oil expertise with innovative technology to optimize, harmonize, and maximize your fuel's performance in and with your vehicles and equipment.  We endeavor to restore your fuel to its cleanest, purest state by lowering emissions, eliminating inherent particulate elements, emulsifying existing water, and enhancing its natural capabilities.  It's simple --- clean potent fuel performs best.

Technol Fuel Conditioners, Inc. owns the ONLY patented water-based emulsion stabilizer in the world.  Emulsion stabilizers (also known as surfactant stabilizers) are used by oil-fired power plants, steel mills, utility companies, VLCCs, and maritime vessels which consume heavy industrial fuels (HFO) or No. 6 Oil.  There are many companies who provide "water-in-oil" surfactant stabilizers.  However Technol's revolutionary emulsion stabilizer is the only emulsification product MADE of water and works in Decant (negative gravity) fuels with proven and unparalleled results.

Talk to us today about your fuel issues and let us provide you with a program designed to keep your fuel and equipment performing at their peak levels --- all year long!  For pennies a gallon, you can save thousands per year!

What users are saying about our products...

"Technol 403 controls the growth of microbes by not allowing the algae to colonize, thus dispersing the clumps that would normally sink to the tank bottom. Cetane number increases up to 3 points and lubricity increases up to 12% in ULSD."

Quality Yacht Service, Div. of Key Boat Works, Marathon, FL

"We are very pleased with the performance of Technol 403 and the 7% fuel savings we obtained.  This savings after shipping and product cost generated a 279% return on our investment and the process was simple.  Thanks for bringing this product to us!"

Billy H., Operations Manager, Natures Way Marine, AL 

"Our fuel was leading our customers to filter blockage problems.  We obtained a gallon case of Technol 403 to treat a 6,000-gallon tank.  A few days later, we took a test sample from the pump and it was clean and sediment free!   We turned on the pumps and sold a load of fuel without incident.  We have not had a similar problem since.  Technol 403 solved the problem!

Ken W., George Williamson Auto Electric, CT

"We have been using Technol 453 Winter Diesel Conditioner for at least the past five years.   While using this product, I can't remember having any incidents of fuel gelling.  The product is superior in quality and we will continue using it well into the future."

Benjamin A., ThyssenKrupp Logistics, OH

"Your information was spot on and I am greatly appreciative of it. It is great working with someone who knows what they are doing and can follow through. But most importantly the Technol 453 Winter Diesel Conditioner and 246 Super Sludge Dispersant worked exceptionally well! It cleaned the sludge out and my tractor is running like a champ. You saved my hay season and prevented a costly repair. 

                                                                                                   Mark Montanti, NJ

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